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Architecture Modeling
3D Printing in Architecture Modeling: A Revolution in the Making 3D printing is revolutionizing the way...
3D Printing in Dentistry Malaysia 3D printing is revolutionizing the dentistry industry in Malaysia....
Machinery Industry
3D printing is revolutionizing the machinery industry, offering faster, more affordable, and more customized...
3D Printing in Education Malaysia: Transforming STEM Learning 3D printing is a rapidly evolving technology...
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FreeScan Trio
Shining sets a new standard in metrology-grade 3D scanning - FreeScan Trio
Shining 3D FreeScan Trio On November 6, 2023, SHINING 3D, a renowned pioneer in 3D digitization technology,...
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Bambu Lab X1E
What's New in Bambu Lab X1E
Bambu Lab X1E: New Features Many folks who 3D print for a living have been liking the Bambu Lab X1 series...
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freescan combo 3d scanner scannig car engine
Shining 3D unveils FreeScan Combo 3D Scanner
Shining 3D FreeScan Combo In Malaysia In today’s industries, precision is paramount, often necessitating...
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The New Creatbot D600 Pro 2
Creatbot D600 Pro 2 – Review In the realm of professional 3D printers, CreatBot stands out for...
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Bambu Lab A1 mini
The Bambu Lab A1 Mini: The Best 4 Color Mini 3D Printer
Bambu Lab has been a prominent player in the desktop 3D printing arena, known for its innovative solutions...
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