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The New Creatbot D600 Pro 2

Professional-grade, large-scale 3D printer with a 600 x 600 x 600mm print volume and dual extrusion
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Creatbot D600 Pro 2 – Review

In the realm of professional 3D printers, CreatBot stands out for its exceptional blend of affordability and performance. Their product lineup spans from large-scale FDM machines to 3D printers designed with a specific focus on many industries applications

Within their diverse product line, the CreatBot D600 Pro emerges as one of the manufacturer’s standout offerings. Recognizing the success of this flagship 3D printer, the CreatBot team has embarked on enhancing it further, resulting in the D600 Pro 2. Building upon the foundation of the original D600 Pro model, which debuted in 2019, this improved iteration is poised to set new standards.

Like its predecessor, the CreatBot D600 Pro 2 excels at printing large objects using high-performance materials, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, from prototyping to end-use production. Despite these similarities, the CreatBot D600 Pro 2 introduces several new features that set it apart from the original D600 Pro.

The most significant upgrades in the CreatBot D600 Pro include Increased of printing speed, newly developed auto-raising dual extruders, and the convenience of a removable magnetic platform collectively contribute to an unparalleled printing experience. Impressively, CreatBot has managed to maintain an affordable price point for its latest machine, especially when compared to other large-scale 3D printers.

Let’s explore the features that make the CreatBot D600 Pro 2 an exceptional value.

d600pro2 2
d600pro2 3

Auto-rising Dual Extruders with Max Temp @ 420 ℃


A dual extruders 3D Printer such as  Creatbot D600 Pro 2 have the capability to print using distinct filament materials. This technology is valuable for creating dissolvable support structures and generating objects with multiple colors. 

With the new smart auto-rising dual-extruders in the Creatbot D600 Pro2 eliminate the need for manual nozzle height adjustment. The idle nozzle is automatically lifted upwards to prevent collision and failure. There is a shifting assembly above the hot ends that raises and lowers them as needed when printing with dual materials.


Magnetic suction platform

The Magnetic suction platform​ is excellent in adhesion properties, so prints will stick very well to the build plate, even without the use of additional adhesives such as tape or glue. In addition to these, the   Exclusive R&D of Magnetic platform is designed to be highly durable and resistant to demagnetization, even at high temperatures exceeding 100 °C under  long-term use. Magnetic suction platform are very flexible, which makes them easy to remove prints from. Simply bend the plate slightly and the print will pop off, a perfect solution to detach any large size print object. 

Industrial Large-Scale 3D Printer

Z magic box: Perfect Z surface

Z-axis magic box technology is a Creatbot technology that significantly reduces or even eliminates the Z-surface texture of tall models. This is important because the Z-axis texture can deteriorate as the model height increases, leading to a rough and uneven surface.

The Z-axis magic box technology works by using a combination of hardware and software to precisely control the movement of the Z-axis. This ensures that the nozzle is always at the correct height and that the filament is deposited evenly.

The result is tall models with smooth and consistent surface quality. This is a significant advantage over other 3D printers, which can produce tall models with rough and uneven surfaces.

d600 zmagic

Camera Control Technology

Camera control technology allows users to remotely control the printing process, including speed, pause, and temperature, using a dedicated mobile app. This feature can help users achieve the best printing quality in the shortest amount of time, without the risk of failure. It is especially useful for printing large models and for long prints.

In other words, users can use the mobile app to start and stop prints, adjust printing parameters, and monitor the printing process in real time. This can save users a lot of time and hassle, and it can help to ensure that prints are successful.

Camera Control

Other noteworthy feature


In addition to the enhanced features listed, the Creatbot D600 Pro2 boasts a 32-bit motherboard upgrade paired with a powerful NPU core processor. This combination ensures swift and responsive execution of program instructions without any delays.

Another noteworthy feature to mention is the new 7-inch touchscreen with new UI design s a significant improvement over previous touchscreen displays. It is larger, clearer, more intuitive, and easier to use

CreatBot D600 Pro 2 Boasts Big Print Volume and High-Performance Capabilities

The CreatBot D600 Pro 2 offers an large 600 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm print volume, combined with a rapid-heating print bed, dual extrusion capacity, a consistently heated chamber at 70°C,  temperature-controlled filament chamber and all other improved features. Despite its substantial print capabilities, it maintains a compact design suitable for small workspaces, offices, or busy production areas. This fully assembled 3D printer is hassle-free to set up.

Notably, the D600 Pro 2 excels in offering an office-friendly footprint while delivering industrial-grade performance. Its ability to work with a variety of materials, from PLA to high-performance filaments, makes it a versatile choice for high-detail models and various applications.

The Auto-Rising dual extruders, with temperature ranges from 260°C to 420°C, expand filament options further. The use of martensitic steel in the hotend ensures durability even at high temperatures, enhancing the printer’s flexibility and material compatibility.

For those seeking professional 3D printing capabilities, the CreatBot D600 Pro 2 is a compelling choice.

When will it be available for order in Malaysia?

Starting from October 2023, the Creatbot D600 Pro 2 will be readily available in Malaysia. Feel free to reach out to us for additional information or to schedule a demonstration session

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