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SHINING 3D Unveils The FreeScan Trio

Featuring Three Cameras, 98 Laser Lines, and Lightning-Fast Scanning Speeds
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  • Shining sets a new standard in metrology-grade 3D scanning – FreeScan Trio

Shining 3D FreeScan Trio

On November 6, 2023, SHINING 3D, a renowned pioneer in 3D digitization technology, is thrilled to present the FreeScan Trio, the most recent addition to their top-tier lineup of 3D scanning solutions. This cutting-edge scanner is making its debut at Formnext, the premier exhibition for Additive Manufacturing and its associated processes, and is available for viewing at the SHINING 3D booth located in Hall 12.1 at E21.

Building on the success of the FreeScan Combo’s earlier launch this year and the company’s recent attainment of ISO:17025 accreditation, the FreeScan Trio is setting a new benchmark for metrology-grade 3D scanning. Its innovative features and unparalleled performance are poised to redefine the industry standard.

The FreeScan Trio marks a significant advancement in laser 3D scanning technology, providing marker-free scanning capabilities through a 98-laser-line mode and a triple-camera system with 5MP resolution. This feature is particularly advantageous for projects that involve large objects, as it greatly diminishes the preparation time by eliminating the need for markers.

Furthermore, the scanner boasts a remarkable capacity to capture 3,010,000 points per second, solidifying its position as the swiftest handheld 3D scanner within its category. Enhanced by its expansive 650 by 580mm field of view, it efficiently acquires a greater volume of data in fewer passes.

Key Features:

Ultra Fast Scan Speed
The ultra-fast scan speed of up to 3,010,000 points per second is a standout feature of Freescan Trio. It means that the scanner can rapidly capture an exceptionally high number of data points within second. This capability allows for swift and efficient scanning of objects or environments, making it ideal for applications where speed and precision are crucial.

The FreeScan Trio includes an integrated photogrammetry mode capable of achieving an impressive volumetric accuracy of up to 0.02mm + 0.015mm/m. By simply place markers and a single magnetic scale bar, the FreeScan Trio rapidly registers the spatial location of the target frame.


Zero Markers

The FreeScan Trio’s 98-laser-line mode is an innovative feature that sets it apart as SHINING 3D’s first marker-free laser 3D scanner. This mode offers a highly efficient way to capture 3D data without the need for any physical markers. Instead, it relies on a dense grid of laser lines to collect spatial information.

This innovation significantly reduces the preparation time required before scanning, as there’s no need to apply markers to the object or scene being scanned. Users can simply point the scanner at the subject, and it will rapidly and accurately capture the necessary data. This feature not only saves time but also enhances the overall scanning efficiency, making the FreeScan Trio a convenient and time-saving tool for a wide range of 3D scanning applications, from industrial quality control to product design and beyond.

4 scanning modes, multiple scan choices

The Shining 3D FreeScan Combo’s four scanning modes and multiple scan choices make it a versatile and powerful 3D scanner that can be used for a wide range of applications.

  • 98 laser lines: Marker-free, ultra-fast scan speed of up to 3,010,000 points/s
  • 26 laser lines: 650x580mm FOV for fast 3D scanning
  • 7 laser lines: Industrial-grade, 5MP cameras to capture exceptional detail
  • 1 laser line: Optimized camera angle for pockets and holes

Shining 3D FreeScan Trio In Malaysia

The FreeScan Trio is a powerful and versatile 3D scanner that is well-suited for a variety of applications, including large-scale assemblies, intricate components, and reverse engineering. With its high accuracy, fast scanning speeds, and user-friendly software, the FreeScan Trio is an excellent choice for engineers, designers, and professionals in a variety of industries.

The Shining 3D FreeScan Trio 3D scanner is currently available for order in Malaysia. If you’re uncertain about whether this 3D scanner is suitable for your specific application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional information.

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