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What's New in Bambu Lab X1E

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Bambu Lab X1E: New Features

Many folks who 3D print for a living have been liking the Bambu Lab X1 series since its release. However, there are some important features missing that would make them reluctant to invest more of these machines in their business.

To answer that Bambu Lab released the newest member of the leading X1 series has been meticulously designed to cater to the demands of professional engineers. The X1E is essentially an upgraded version of the X1 Carbon, tailored to meet the specific needs of engineers, hence the ‘E’ designation, perhaps.

Bambu Lab X1E set to improve in a few key area, this includes a robust air filtration system to reduce VOCs generated by 3D Printing, enhanced network security with the introduction of WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi authentication and an ethernet port, and the capability to print with advanced materials like carbon fiber nylon, facilitated by the upgraded 320ºC nozzle temperature and active chamber heating.

WPA2-Enterprise + Ethernet Port

The X1E now provides the choice to link your devices using its recently integrated Ethernet port, guaranteeing strong network connectivity in intricate settings. Ethernet connection can also be employed in areas with congested wireless signals. Furthermore, the X1E is equipped with WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi Authentication (EAP-PEAP/EAP-TLS/TAP-TTLS) and individual physical kill switches for both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, meeting stringent network security demands.

On top of that The X1E can operate independently without being linked to Bambu Cloud Service, making it fully operational within a local network. User can manage the X1E remotely via LAN communication, even without an Internet connection.

Robust Air Filtration System

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and fumes generated by 3D printing have become a growing concern in recent years. When you engage in 3D printing, especially with certain materials like plastics or resins, the heating and melting of these materials can release VOCs and fumes into the surrounding environment. These emissions can have several implications, such as Health Concerns, Environmental Impact, Indoor Air Quality, Regulatory Compliance.

Bambu Lab addresses this with a robust Air Filtration System​ in X1E that combined a G3 pre-filter, an H12 HEPA filter, and a high-quality coconut shell activated carbon filter to provide optimal air filtration. Enhanced filtration can effectively reduce excessive odors and particulates when printing in less ventilated environments.

bambu lab x1e 1

Active Heating Chamber + Higher Nozzle Temperature

A heated chamber is essential for 3D printing high-quality parts, especially from high-performance materials. It prevents warping and curling, and improves layer adhesion.

The new X1E can actively heat and regulate the chamber temperature. Accurately controlled chamber temperature (up to 60°C or 140°F) improves print quality, especially for filaments prone to warping such as ABS and PC.

Thanks to the upgraded Nozzle Temp, it can now reach temperatures of up to 320°C, providing the extra heat needed for materials with higher temperature requirements. Combining this Nozzle Temp upgrade with the active heating chamber, the X1E unleashes a world of possibilities for power users who need to 3D print with advanced materials, offering improved dimensional stability, heat resistance, and mechanical performance.

Bambu Lab X1E
The brand-new Bambu Lab X1E includes the same features and accessories as the X1 Carbon, but it comes with security enhancements and temperature system upgrades.

When will the Bambu Lab X1E coming to Malaysia and how much will it cost?

The Bambu Lab X1E is aimed at enterprise and power users, and it will be exclusively sold through Official Resellers. Exciting news for those in Malaysia – it’s expected to hit the Malaysian market around early November 2023. If you’re keen on getting one, it’s estimated to be priced at approximately RM13,000 and will be available at 3D Gadgets Malaysia.

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