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Bambu Lab X1E

  • Ethernet Port
  • Heavy Duty Air Filtration
  • Active Heating Chamber
  • High Temp Hotend

Product Details

Bambu Lab X1E: For Professionals and Engineering Applications

Bambu Lab Malaysia Official Partner

The Bambu Lab X1E is a next-generation 3D printer that offers a range of features and benefits that make it ideal for Professionals and Engineering Applications.  While X1E came with the all functionalities available in the original X1 series plus a few more importantant upgrade such as robust air filtration system to reduce VOCs generated by 3D Printing, enhanced network security with the introduction of WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi authentication and an ethernet port, and the capability to print with advanced materials like carbon fiber nylon, facilitated by the upgraded 320ºC nozzle temperature and active chamber heating.

Automatic Bed Leveling

One of the most important features of the Bambu Lab X1E is its automatic bed leveling system. This system ensures that the print bed is always perfectly level, which is essential for getting high-quality prints. Traditional 3D printers require users to manually level the print bed before each print, which can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The Bambu Lab X1E automatic bed leveling system takes all the guesswork out of the process, so you can spend less time leveling the bed and more time printing.

Multiple Colors and Materials (X1E with AMS)

The X1E is also capable of printing with multiple colors and materials. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for makers and designers. For example, you can print multi-colored objects, such as toys or models, or you can print objects with different materials, such as ABS and PLA. The Bambu Lab X1E ability to print with multiple colors and materials makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

High Speed and Smoothness

The X1E is also one of the fastest 3D printers on the market. It can print speeds of up to 500mm/s, which is significantly faster than most other 3D printers. Additionally, the X1E produces very smooth prints, with minimal layer lines. This makes it ideal for printing objects that require a high level of detail.

Other Features

The X1E comes with a number of other features that make it a great choice for 3D printers, including:

  • A large build volume (256mm x 256mm x 256mm )
  • A heated bed
  • A touchscreen display
  • A built-in camera
  • A variety of safety features
  • Ethernet Port
  • Heavy Duty Air Filtration
  • Active Heating Chamber
  • High Temp Hotend

Stable Ethernet Connection, WPA2-Enterprise Authentication Wi-Fi Connection

The X1E offers the option to connect to your devices through its newly added Ethernet port, ensuring robust network communication in complex environments. Ethernet connectivity can also be used in crowded wireless signal environments. Additionally, the X1E provides WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi Authentication (EAP-PEAP/EAP-TLS/TAP-TTLS) and individual physical kill switches for both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, meeting stringent network security requirements.

Off-Cloud Operation, Fully Functional With LAN Only Mode

The X1E can operate independently without a connection to Bambu Cloud Service, fully functional within your local network. Customers can remotely control the X1E through LAN communication without requiring an Internet connection.

Active Heating And Controlled Chamber Temp
Reduce Warping, Improve Layer Bonding

The X1E can actively heat and regulate the chamber temperature. Accurately controlled chamber temperature (up to 60°C or 140°F) improves print quality, especially for filaments prone to warping such as ABS and PC.

320 °C (608 °F) Nozzle Temp
More Heat For Higher Temperature Materials

Higher nozzle temperature make possible to print higher performance materials such as PPA-CF/GF, PPS and PPS-CF. These new materials have better dimensional stability, heat resistance and mechanical performance.

Heavy Duty Air Filtration

Dual Auto Bed Leveling

Dual Auto Bed Leveling system checks for increased reliability.The lidar and analog force sensors crosscheck for an extra layer of redundancy in bed leveling.

Vibration And Extrusion Compensation

X1E can actively compensate for XY-axis vibrations and extrusion issues to ensure exceptionally smooth print quality. All measurements are fully automatic, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

AI Failure Detection

The X1E's AI algorithm can detect first-layer imperfections and spaghetti failures with the assistance of Lidar and computer vision. It then automatically pauses the print to prevent catastrophic failures.

Technical Specification

Build Volume 256*256*256 mm3
Physical Dimensions 389*389*457 mm3
Net Weight 16 kg
Max Speed of Toolhead 500 mm/s
Max Acceleration of Toolhead 20 m/s2
Max Hot End Flow 32 mm3/s @ABS(Model: 150*150mm single wall; Material: Bambu ABS; Temperature: 280°C)
Hot End material All Metal
Extruder Gears Hardened Steel
Nozzle material Hardened Steel
Maximum Chamber Control Temperature 60℃
Maximum Hot End Temperature 320℃
Nozzle Diameter Included: 0.4 mmOptional: 0.2 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Supported Filament Optimal: PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA, BVOHSuperior: ABS, ASA, PC, PA, PETSuperior: Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced PLA, PETG, PA, PET, PC, ABS, ASAIdeal: PPA-CF/GF, PPS, PPS-CF/GF
Max Build Plate Temperature 110℃@220V, 120℃@110V
Slicer Bambu StudioSupport third party slicers which export standard G-code such as SuperSlicer, PrusaSlicer and Cura, but certain advanced features may not be supported.
Slicer Supported OS MacOS, Windows
Ethernet Socket RJ45
Ethernet Speed 100 Mbps / Full Duplex

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