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TH-M150 SLM Metal 3D Printer

  • Versatile build envelope of 153 x 153 x 120 mm
  • Robust 200-watt laser
  • Fine laser spot size boost excellent part surface quality

Product Details

TH-M150 SLM Metal 3D Printer

The TH-M150 utilizes metal powder bed melting technology, featuring a molding chamber of up to 153mm x 153mm x 120mm. With a single laser printing mode, it can produce components from titanium alloy, high-temperature nickel-based alloy, die steel, stainless steel, and cobalt-chromium-molybdenum. The TH-M150 is suited for a wide range of applications, from dental and medical fields to material development, the TH-M150 configuration has become a powerful manufacturing tool, offering a high-value proposition.


  •  Self-developed process software to optimize the scanning path, shorten processing time.
  • Large layer thickness printing (≥60um) can be realized, further increasing the production capacity.
  • Density of metal printed parts is nearly 99.9%; fluctuation of mechanical properties is <5%.
  • High equipment consistency, with different equipment using the same set of process parameters.
  • High material utilization rate, accurate, stable and controllable powder supply, helping factories to reduce costs and increase efficiency and scientific development.
  • Real-time display of equipment parameters during the printing process, automatically generate an electronic printing report after the completion of printing, process parameters can be traced.
  • Customized core optics, laser beam quality, stable and reliable.

Sample 1

Sample 2

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Technical Specification

Parameter Specification
Model TH-M280
Dimension L(3145) x W(1270) x H(2500) mm
Forming cylinder size 286 mm x 286 mm x 450 mm
Scanning speed 7 m/s
Light spot diameter 70~120 μm
Light source 500 W
Powder layering thickness 20~120 μm
Forming speed Max 35 cm³/h
Applicable material Titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, high-temperature alloys, stainless steel, high-strength steel, die steel
Preheating temperature 20~200°C
Chamber oxygen level ≤100 ppm
Protective gas Nitrogen/Argon
Data format STL file or other conversion format
Complementary software TH-3Dprint; Tianhong self-developed
Electrical consumption 380V, 20.1 KW
Weight 2.1 T

Product Video

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TH-M150 SLM Metal 3D Printer

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