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freescan combo 3d scanner front view

Shining 3D FreeScan Combo

For High Precision Metrology-grade Inspection, The FreeScan Combo, with a small size of 193x63x53mm and weighed only 620g, has dual light sources: blue laser and infrared VCSEL. Being a lightweight and portable metrology 3D Scanne.


Product Details

Shining 3D FreeScan Combo : Portable and Handheld 3D Scanner for Metrology-Level Precision Inspection, Reverse Design, Additive Manufacturing, and More in Malaysia

The FreeScan Combo is a versatile and easy-to-use 3D scanner that is ideal for a wide range of applications, including reverse engineering, quality control, product development, rapid prototyping, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), manufacturing, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, jewelry, art, cultural heritage, forensics, and education in Malaysia.


  • Compact and lightweight: The FreeScan Combo is only 193x63x53mm and weighs only 620g, making it easy to carry and use in a variety of environments.
  • Dual light sources: The FreeScan Combo uses a combination of blue laser and infrared VCSEL light sources to capture high-resolution 3D scans of objects of all shapes and sizes.
  • Four working modes: The FreeScan Combo offers four working modes to give you the flexibility to choose the right mode for your specific needs:
    • Multiple lines scanning: For fast and efficient scanning of large objects.
    • Single line scanning: For precise scanning of small objects or complex geometries.
    • Fine scanning: For ultra-high-resolution scanning of intricate details.
    • Infrared scanning: For scanning dark or reflective surfaces.


The FreeScan Combo is widely used for reverse engineering and quality control in a variety of industries in Malaysia, including:

  • Automotive:  product development of automotive components and subsystems.
  • Aerospace: manufacturing of aerospace components.
  • Rail transportation:  maintenance of rail transportation components.
  • Heavy industries: manufacturing of heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Mold manufacturing: design, and manufacturing of molds.
  • Casting and foundry: For reverse engineering, design, and manufacturing of castings and forged parts.
  • Other applications: The FreeScan Combo is also used in a variety of other applications in Malaysia, including:
    • Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC): For surveying, 3D modeling, and BIM.
    • Manufacturing: For quality control, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping.
    • Art and cultural heritage: For preserving and documenting historical artifacts and works of art.
    • Education: For teaching and research in engineering, design, and other fields.

Why Choose the FreeScan Combo?

The FreeScan Combo is the ideal 3D scanner available in Malaysia because it offers a number of unique advantages, including:

  • Affordability: The FreeScan Combo is one of the most affordable metrology-grade 3D scanners on the market, making it an ideal choice for Malaysian businesses of all sizes.
  • Ease of use: The FreeScan Combo is very easy to use, even for users with no prior experience with 3D scanning.
  • Versatility: The FreeScan Combo is versatile enough to be used for a wide range of applications, from reverse engineering to quality control to product development.
  • Accuracy and precision: The FreeScan Combo delivers metrology-level accuracy and precision, making it ideal for demanding applications such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing.

The Shining 3D FreeScan Combo is the perfect 3D scanner for Malaysian businesses of all sizes that need a reliable, accurate, and versatile for a wide range of applications.

Official Shining3D Website

4 scanning modes, multiple scan choices

· 13 cross blue laser lines for global smooth scanning;
· 7 parallel blue laser lines for fine scanning details;
· 1 single blue laser lines to obtain deep hole data;
· Infrared light source and large FOV for more applications.

Metrology-grade accuracy*, the accuracy under the multiple lines scanning mode can achieve up to 0.02mm.

Single Line blue laser to obtain deep hole data.

13 cross blue laser lines (Total 26 lines) for global smooth scanning

Technical Specification

Scan Mode Multi-Line Scan Single Line Scan
Light Source 26 Laser lines One laser line
Working Distance 300mm 300mm
Scan Accuracy Up to 0.02mm Up to 0.02mm
Volumetric Accuracy 0.02+0.033mm/m 0.02+0.033mm/m
Scan speed 1,860,000 points/s 1,860,000 points/s
Scan Depth 360mm 360mm
Max FOV 520mm x 510mm 520mm x 510mm
Point Distance 0.05mm-3mm 0.05mm-3mm
Scan Mode Fine Scan Infrared Scan
Light Source Seven Parallel laser lines VCSEL Light Source
Working Distance 200mm 300mm
Scan Accuracy Up to 0.02mm
Volumetric Accuracy 0.02+0.033mm/m 0.5+0.1mm/m
Scan speed 1,860,000 points/s 2,250,000 points/s
Scan Depth 360mm 1240mm
Max FOV 520mm x 510mm 600mm x 600mm
Point Distance 0.05mm-3mm 0.1-3mm

Scan Showcase

If you are looking for consumer range products please visit here: 3D Gadgets

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freescan combo 3d scanner front view

Shining 3D FreeScan Combo

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