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Shining 3D EinScan H2

High Texture Resolution Handheld 3D Scanner

  • 5MP texture camera
  • 3 VCSEL projectors
  • Accuracy up to 0.05mm
  • Ultra-wide FOV and adjustable working distance
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Product Details

The EinScan H2 – Best Human Face and Body 3D Scanner in Malaysia

The EinScan H2 improves on its predecessor with a 5MP resolution texture camera, enhanced accuracy, and 3 infrared VCSEL projectors for more photorealistic textures and better quality data. Its wide scanning area and adjustable working distance make it suitable for various scenes and objects, both small and large, in narrow or wide spaces. The EinScan H2 is an efficient 3D Scanner in Malaysia that can revolutionize your workflow.

The EinScan H2 also excels at 3D scanning organic objects, like people or faces, using infrared light and algorithms designed for smooth, moving objects. It natively supports full-color mode, making it the best option for full-body scanning and medical scanning applications, such as prosthetics and castings

The EinScan H2 is a versatile 3D scanner that captures the full geometry of objects, to 0.25mm — artwork or furniture can be scanned with great detail, in full color. The high accuracy of scanned data up to 0.05 mm and volumetric accuracy 0.1mm/meter improves the precision of 3D modeling in very dense point clouda or polygon meshes. EinScan H2 suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Product design
  • Art and design
  • Education and research
  • Medical and healthcare
  • and more..

Optimized for Face and Body 3D Scanning

Flashless infrared technology

Ensures optimal comfort during face and body 3D scanning.

Advanced hair enhancement algorithm

Designed to successfully capture light and dark hair.

Non-rigid algorithm in IR Mode

Captures 3D body data quickly and seamlessly, with auto-compensation of slight movements to eliminate misalignment risks.

Ultra-wide FOV and
Adjustable Working Distance

Adjustable working distance

Enables working distance adjustment from 200mm to 1500mm, to adapt to narrow or wide scenes and objects of various sizes.

FOV (Field of View) up to 780mm x 900mm

Offers flexibility in scanning volume to capture large-sized objects quickly.

Marker-free scanning

Scans rich geometric features without the hassle of markers.

Superior Environmental Adaptability
Provide superior material and lighting adaptability

Photorealistic Texture, bright colors and clean textures

Technical Specification

Scan Mode White Light Mode; IR Mode
Light Source White LED Light, Visible; Infrared VCSEL Light, Invisible
Scan Accuracy Up to 0.05mm; Up to 0.1mm
Volumetric Accuracy 0.05mm±0.1mm/m; 0.1mm±0.3mm/m
Point Distance 0.2mm-3mm
Best Working Distance 470mm
Effective working Distance Range 200mm-700mm; 200mm-1500mm
Maximum FOV 420mm x 440mm; 780mm x 900mm
Scan Speed 1,200,000points/s; 1,060,000points/s
Texture Resolution 5MP
Align Modes Markers Alignment, Feature Alignment, Hybrid Alignment, Texture Alignment, Global Markers
Safety LED light (eye-safe); CLASS I (eye-safe)
Built-in Color Camera Yes
Texture Scan Yes
Included Software EXScanH; Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition
Output Formats OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3, 3MF
Scanner Size 108 mm x 110 mm x 237 mm
Scanner Weight 731.1 g
Operating Temperature Range 0°C ~ 40°C
Operating Humidity Range 10% RH ~ 90% RH
Certifications CE, FCC, ROHS, WEEE, KC
Interface USB 3.0
Input Voltage DC:12 V,5.0 A
Recommended Configuration OS: Win10/11, 64-bit; Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX/RTX, RTX2060 or better; Video memory: ≥6GB; Processor: Intel I7-11700 or better; Memory: ≥64GB
Required Configuration OS: Win10, 64-bit; Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1060;Video memory: ≥4GB; Processor: Intel I7-8700; Memory: ≥16GB

Scan Showcase


On-Site Installation Gallery

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Shining 3D EinScan H2

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