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Flashforge Guider 3 Ultra

  • Fully auto-leveling and calibration
  • HEPA 13 Air Filtration System
  • High Speed Printing 500mm/s
  • Dual extruder

Product Details

Flashforge Guider 3 Ultra

Ultra high speed 3D printing at a commercial and industrial grade levels is what the FlashForge Guider 3 Ultra can offer to your business. Featuring CoreXY design for extreme high throughput while maintaining the legendary Flashforge reliability and quality.


  • Key Performance – Up to 500 mm/s print speed, Up to 20,000 mm/s² acceleration,  print through 2,000 grams of materials per day, Single Extruder Printing 330 x 330 x 600 mm and Dual Extruder Printing 300 x 330 x 600 mm build volume, industrial leading cooling systems, and quiet printing operation
  • Fully auto-leveling and calibration
  • Extremely sturdy z-axis guides and ball screws for stability of large models and long print jobs
  • HEPA 13 Air Filtration System
  • Durable, sturdy, excellent abrasion, high temperature resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Maximum printing temperature up to 350°C
  • Maximum Build Plate Temperature: 120°C
  • Flexible and Removable Steel Plate
  • All new smart leveling and calibration algorithms
  • Passive filament storage chambers
  • Power Loss Recovery with resume printing function
  • Filament run-out sensors
  • Material Compatibility: PA-CF, PA-GF, PETG-CF, PETG-GF, PA, PC, ABS, ASA, PLA-CF, PLA, PETG, PVA, HIPS
  • HD 1080P camera
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, USB Flash Drive, Cloud Printing

Ultrafast and Ultrastable

Printing speed up to 500mm/s
Acceleration up to 20000mm/s²
Flow rate up to 32mm³/s

  • 2-5 times higher printing speed, up to 400%, productivity increase
  • Lighter extruder and beam design to reduce the inertia when running at high speed;
  • With our exclusive self-developed extruder vibration suppression algorithm,vibrations occurred during high-speed printing can be automatically compensated, thus reduce ringing in prints.

Air Cooling System

The powerful dual-fan air-blowing cooling system can quickly
cool down the filament extruded by the nozzle, and ensure that
each layer of filament is fully cooled in the high-speed printing
mode, offering higher molding accuracy.

Tool-Free, 3s Quick-Release Nozzle

Save maintenance time without affecting the whole printing process.

Large Size,
Expanding Boundaries

Meet the needs of printing models of various sizes; The maximum model height can be up to 600mm.

Stable Print Quality Output

  • High-strength dual Z-axis TBI ball screws and stable load-bearing platform for precise positioning of printing each layer
  • 24/7 continuous and stable printing
  • After 10,000 hours of continuous use, it can still maintain stable printing performance.
  • After 100,000 times of dual-extruder switching testing, the extruders have no obvious shaking gaps, ensuring continuous and stable printing.
    * Data from Flashforge Laboratory

Full auto-leveling, real one-click printing

Rapid Development and Validation

Motorcycle helmet PLA-CF Design verification of appearance and functions

Manufacturing Assistive Devices

Tooling Assist production and improve production stability.

End-Use Parts

Fixture part PET-CF Parts for final assembly

Architecture & Art


Teaching Aids

Foot skeleton model

End-Use Parts

Mold part High-temperature PA-CF Low-temperature plastic injection molding

Support a wide range of
general and engineering
Extruder temperature up to350℃

Technical Specification


Printing Precision:  ±0.15mm or 0.002mm/mm
Position Precision:  X/Y axis: 0.011 mm;  Z axis; 0.0025 mm
Layer Thickness:  0.05-0.4mm
Build Volume:
Single Extruder – 330(L) x 330(W) x 600(H) mm (13 x 13 x 23.6 in)
Dual Extruder – 300(L) x 330(W) x 600(H) mm (11.8 x 13 x 23.6 in)
Nozzle Diameter:  0.4 mm Standard (Optional 0.6 mm/0.8 mm)
Maximum Extruder Temperature: 350°C (660°F)
Adjustable Heated Build Plate Temperature:  Up to 120°C (248°F)
Filament Diameter:  1.75 mm
Filament Compatibility:  PA-CF, PA-GF, PETG-CF, PETG-GF, PA, PC, ABS, ASA, PLA-CF, PLA, PETG, PVA, HIPS
Print Speed: 10-250mm/s

Mechanical & Dimensions

Number of Extruders: Two
Printer Dimensions: 635(L) x 550 (W) x 1070(H) mm (25 x 21.7 x 42 in)
Packaging Dimensions: 775(L) x 690(W) x 1235(H) mm (30.5 x 27.2 x 48.6 in)
Net Weight: 155 LBS (70 KG)


Power Supply:  AC100-240V , 850W Max
HD Touch Screen:  7 inch
Connectivity:  WiFi, Ethernet, USB Flash Drive, Cloud Printing
Certification:  CE / FCC / RoHS


Software: FlashPrint
Third Party Slicing Software: Slic3r, Cura (Required to set up), Simplify3D (Coming Soon)
File Input Format: STL / 3MF / OBJ / FPP / BMP / PNG / JPEG
File Output Format: GX / G / GCode
Supports (OS): Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, and Mac OS


If you are looking for consumer range products please visit here: 3D Gadgets

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Flashforge Guider 3 Ultra

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