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WaxJet 510

  • Outstanding Precision
  • High-Standard Material
  • 24/7 Printing, Unattended, Continuous
  • Impressive resolution 2900 x 2900 x 1700 DPI

Product Details

Flashforge WaxJet 510 – Next-Level Precision, Perfect for K-Gold Wax Mold Casting.

WaxJet 510 is a state-of-the-art machine redefining jewellery design and manufacturing with its exceptional precision and efficiency, Building upon the success of the 410, the WaxJet 510 is tailored specifically for jewellery moulding, offering enhanced control and accuracy.

With its cutting-edge wax jet technology, the WaxJet 510 delivers unparalleled control and accuracy, boasting a remarkable resolution of up to 2900 x 2900 x 1700 DPI, it guarantees unparalleled quality and detail in every print, elevating standards in the jewellery industry.

The WaxJet 510 features an upgraded wax formula with an extended lifespan, enabling the printing of intricate models with clearer details and sharper contours. This seamless integration of advanced printing technology and enhanced wax material facilitates effortless creation of precise patterns.

To streamline the printing process, the WaxJet 510 comes bundled with dedicated slicing software. With a comprehensive range of parameter options and user-friendly interface, this software empowers users to optimize print quality and speed. Additionally, a convenient one-click layout function enables swift organization of designs, maximizing the build area and enhancing printing efficiency.

24/7 Printing, Unattended, Continuous

Achieve round-the-clock printing through automated workflow.
Simply send print files, tap to start printing, and leave the workplace.
WaxJet 510 ensures stable and efficient printing with required precision and quality,enabling long-term unsupervised automated production.

Upgraded Wax, Perfect for Complex Designs

Upgraded wax, with extended lifespan, supports printing intricate models with clearer details and precise contours.
Combining the high-precision printing technology and new wax material makes producing precise models easier and more efficient.

Contact-Free Support Removal, easier post-processing

100% pure wax support material is completely dissolved in the ratio solution, without manually removing the support and grinding the support point.

One-Click Layout, Saving Time and Effort

The dedicated slicing software offers rich parameter options and user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily optimize print quality and speed. One-click layout feature quickly arranges models, maximizing build area and enhancing printing efficiency.

Set Stones in Wax with Ease

Support Various K Gold Styles
Stone Setting

Technical Specification


Product Specifications
Printing Technology MultiJet Printing (MJP)
Build Volume 289 x 208 x 100mm
Printing Mode XHD: 2900 x 2900 x 1700 DPI; layer thickness: 15μm
Dimensional Accuracy ±0.04mm/20mm
Power Supply AC220-240V, 50Hz, 4KW
Equipment Dimensions 1352 x 775 x 1600mm
Net Weight 480kg
Gross Weight 630kg
Package Size 1530 x 900 x 1837mm
Software & Connectivity
Slicing Software WaxJetPrint
Supported File Format .stl/.slc
Email Notification
Hard Disk Capacity 500G
Connectivity Network 10/100/1000 Ethernet/USB
Supported Operating System Windows 7 / Windows 10 (64bit)
Working Environment
Temperature 18-26°C
Humidity 30-70%


Material Name FFWJ1200 FFWJ3200
Material Type Part material Support material
Net Weight 1.5kg/bottle 1.6kg/bottle
Composition 100% wax Wax support material
Color Red White
Density @ 95°C (liquid) 0.79g/cm³ 0.85g/cm³
Melting Point 68°C 55°C
Softening Point 63°C
Volumetric Shrinkage 1.1%
Linear Shrinkage 0.7%
Needle Penetration Hardness 9
Ash Content <0.01%
Description High-precision casting wax material Hands-free dissolvable support material
*Conditions Volumetric Shrinkage SH/T0588-1994; Needle Penetration Hardness GB/T4985-2010; Ash Content GB/T14235.3-1993

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WaxJet 510

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