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Shining 3D FreeScan Trio

First Marker-Free Laser 3D Scanner

  • 98 laser lines for marker-free scanning
  • Speed up to 3,010,000 points/s
  • Three 5 megapixel cameras
  • Accuracy up to 0.02 mm with markers
  • 4 scanning modes and built-in photogrammetry

Product Details

With its fast and innovative 98-laser-line mode, the FreeScan Trio is SHINING 3D’s first marker-free laser 3D scanner. Less preparation, more efficiency.
The FreeScan Trio’s three additional laser scanning modes deliver unrelenting accuracy, each reaching up to 0.02mm with markers. This metrology device also features built-in photogrammetry to offer an impressive volumetric accuracy of up to 0.02mm + 0.15mm/m.
Whether you need speed or accuracy on small or large assemblies, the versatile Shining 3D FreeScan Trio is geared for all your projects.

98 Laser Lines, Zero Markers

The Shining 3D FreeScan Trio’s thorough 98-laser-line mode eliminates the need for markers, efficiently capturing all your workpieces. Paired with an ultra-fast scan speed of up to 3,010,000 points/s, you’ll truly feel the acceleration in your workflow.

98 laser lines: Marker-free, ultra-fast scan speed of up to 3,010,000 points/s
26 laser lines: 650x580mm FOV for fast 3D scanning
7 laser lines: Industrial-grade, 5MP cameras to capture exceptional detail
1 laser line: Optimized camera angle for pockets and holes

Unrelenting Accuracy and Precision

For quality control, inspection, and reverse engineering, its 0.02 mm accuracy (with markers) and high-precision performance deliver results you can count on, time and time again.

* Data generated with the 26 laser line mode.
Compared to the CAD file.


The FreeScan Trio features a built-in photogrammetry mode that can achieve a remarkable volumetric accuracy of up to 0.02mm + 0.015mm/m. Place markers and just one magnetic scale bar and the FreeScan Trio will quickly lock in the spatial position of the target frame.

3,010,000 Points per Second

The fastest handheld 3D scanner in its class. Complemented by a large field of view of 650 by 580mm, it captures more data in fewer sweeps.


Technical Specification

Multiple Lines Scan: 26 laser lines
Working Distance: 300 mm

Single Line Scan: Single laser line
Working Distance: 300 mm

Fine Detail Scan: 7 parallel
Working Distance: 200 mm

98 Lines Scan: 98 Lines Scan
Working Distance: 300 mm

Scan Accuracy: Up to 0.02mm
Scan Speed: Up to 3,010,000 points/s
Scan Depth: 360 mm
FOV: 650 mm x 580 mm
Volumetric Accuracy*: 0.02 + 0.03mm/m (0.02 + 0.015mm/m with photogrammetry)
Point Distance: 0.01-3mm
Laser Class: Class Ⅱ(eye safe
Connection Standard: USB 3.0
Dimensions: 331 x 120 x 76 mm
Weight9: 85g
Power input: 12V, 5.0A
Working humidity: 10 ~ 90%
Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, WEEE, KC, FDA, UKCA, IP50

Recommended Computer ConfigurationOS:
Win10, 64 bit; Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX/RTX series cards,
higher or equal to GeForce RTX 3060;
Video memory: ≥6G; Processor: I7-10700; Memory: ≥64GB

Product Video

Scan Showcase


If you are looking for consumer range products please visit here: 3D Gadgets

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Shining 3D FreeScan Trio

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