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The ultimate reverse engineering software solution.

  • Automatic Surfacing
  • Free Form Modelling
  • Real-time Deviation Control
  • Geometric Primitive Extraction

Product Details


Discover the unparalleled capabilities of QuickSurface, the cutting-edge 3D reverse engineering software tailored for professionals. With its advanced Parametric Modelling, QuickSurface delivers exceptional precision, allowing users to refine their designs with meticulous detail. Handling Large Meshes is a breeze, offering smooth performance even with extensive data sets. The Automatic Surfacing feature streamlines the conversion of complex meshes into surfaces, enhancing efficiency. Users can enjoy unmatched control over their models with User Controllable Accuracy, ensuring the right balance between detail and simplicity. Free Form Modelling unlocks limitless creative possibilities, ideal for intricate designs, while Mesh Realignment ensures perfect alignment with the original design intent. Real-time Deviation Control provides instant feedback for accuracy, and Geometric Primitive Extraction simplifies identifying basic shapes within complex scans. The software’s Hybrid Modelling capability seamlessly blends organic and parametric shapes, a boon for diverse design needs. Finishing touches are made perfect with Advanced Trimming & Edge Filleting, ensuring your solid models are of the highest quality. Ideal for industries like automotive, manufacturing, and prototyping, QuickSurface is not just a tool but a revolution in 3D modeling, offering a blend of power, precision, and creativity.


  • Parametric Modelling
  • Working with Large Meshes
  • Automatic Surfacing
  • User Controllable Accuracy
  • Free Form Modelling
  • Mesh Realignment
  • Real-time Deviation Control
  • Geometric Primitive Extraction
  • Hybrid Modelling – both organic & parametric shapes
  • Trimming & Edge filleting for solid modelling

Primitives Extraction

Reconstruct quickly planes, cylinders, cones and spheres. Create relations between them as peprendicularity, parallelism and coincidence. You can also create a reference geometries like lines and points for use in align mesh to space operation for correctly positioning the object into the world coordinate system

Interactive Selection

Simple to use tools to quickly extract areas of interes. Magic wand, brush and free form selection allows the user to identify the areas that represent features or free form surfaces

Deviation Analyser

Control the accuracy of your reconstruction with the efficient distance colour map. Compare the CAD model against the reference mesh at any time of your process.

Automatic Surfacing

Create surface on organic shapes with just hit of a button.
No user interaction required.
QUICKSURFACE provides you with one of the best automatic surfacing available today. The algorithm optimises the number of resulting nurb patches to be minimal. The surface quality is G2 everywhere and G1 at extraordinary points.

Free Form Modelling

Quad surface allows the user to reconstruct free form surface which is not possible with the standard surfacing methods.
Proprietary snap-to-mesh technology allows even non-professionals to create shapes in no time – something not available in any other solutions.

Technical Specification

If you are looking for consumer range products please visit here: 3D Gadgets

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