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Mingda MD-400D

  •  Independent Dual Extruder
  • Fully Enclosed Metal Structure
  • Air Filtration Sytem
  • Auto Leveling System
  • 350c Direct Extruder

Product Details

Mingda MD-400D IDEX Industrial 3D Printer

The MD-400D comes with a generous build volume, independent double extruder (IDEX) technology, and high-temperature hot ends that can handle a diverse array of engineering-grade materials. It’s also equipped with convenient features like automatic bed leveling and an air filtration system.

Thanks to its versatile set of features, the MD-400D is a great fit for a wide range of applications, including complex prototyping and design, the creation of jigs and fixtures, producing medical and aerospace components, supporting research and education, and aiding in automobile manufacturing.

Foremost, the MD-400D distinguishes itself with its Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX), setting it apart in its category. This innovation enables a range of printing modes that enhance versatility for various projects.

  1. Duplicate Mode: This mode empowers users to simultaneously print two identical models, boosting productivity.
  2. Mirror Mode: Ideal for creating symmetrical models, Mirror Mode efficiently saves time during the printing process.
  3. Dual-Color Mode: Offering the option to print a single model in two colors, adding artistic flair to your creations.

However, the standout feature of the MD-400D is its Support Mode. Tailored for precision, it facilitates the printing of intricate structural models. This mode is particularly beneficial when working with advanced materials that necessitate support structures. By utilizing the second extruder for support printing with a breakaway filament, the MD-400D simplifies support removal, ensuring a smooth and successful printing experience.

Large Build Volume

Printing size: 400mm*400mm*400mm;
meets most prototype printing needs

Free Leveling

The automatic leveling system greatly improves printing efficiency and quality stability. It helps to reduce failed prints caused by an unleveled build plate. The precise calibration of nozzle distance also enables 3D printers to print models with finer layer resolution.

Fully Metal Enclosed Structure

The fully enclosed structure of the MD-400D helps maintain temperatures printing with ABS and other advanced materials for high-quality prints. This reduces issues like model shrinkage, warping at corners, and broken filaments, ensuring good print results, high precision, and a high success rate.

Flexible PEI Platform

With good viscosity, the model is not easy to warp during the printing process and easy to remove after finished printing

Air Filtration System

During the printing process, the air filtration system can effectively clean particles (including nanoparticles) in the air. The system operates silently to ensure a quiet working environment.

Smart Resume Printing Function

The machine can automatically resume printing after power-off, less worries on print failure.

Double Gears Direct Extruder

Double gears direct extruder with strong pushing force for more stable & accurate printing greatly reduces the risk of under extrusion.

Automatic Filament Detection

It will pause the printing process if the filament run out, or if the filament is broken

Large High Temperature IDEX 3D Printer

Technical Specification

Printing Technology Fused Deposition Modeling Extruder Temperature ≤350°C
Print Volume 400*400*400mm Platform Temperature ≤110°C

Duplicate Mode

400(2*200)*400*400 mm    
Mirror Mode 350(2*175)*400*400 mm SPEED  
Extruder Type IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders) Recommend Printing Speed 60-100 mm/s
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm (0.6mm, 0.8mm optional) Max Printing Speed 200mm/s
Filament Diameter 1.75mm  
Filament Compatibility

Common filament:
Engineering filament:
ABS-GF25, ABS-CF20, PA-GF25/CF25;
Support filament:
S-Mulit, S-HtPA, PVA, etc

  Print Precision ± 0.1 mm
Power Requirements 100/240V-50/60Hz Package Weight 112.5Kg
Rated Power 700W
Hot Bed:500W
Package Size 82x72x108cm
Connectivity Type-C, SD card, U disk    
SPECIAL FUNCTION   Support Software MINGDA-Cura,
Reptier-Host, Simplify3D
Out of Filament Reminder Available Supported File Types Stl, Obj, G-code
Resume Printing After Power Failure Available Operating Systems Windows(7,8,10),Mac OS X
Air Filter Available    
Build Plate Leveling Auto Leveling    

The Machine is equipped with the standard hot end and also the extra high-temperature hot end in the tool box.


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Mingda MD-400D

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