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FlashForge Hunter S

  • Full HD 2K light engine
  • Compatible with third-party resins for a wide range of applications
  • Grayscale and distortion correction algorithm
  • Calibration-free build plate
  • Easily removable aluminum resin vat

Product Details

FlashForge Hunter S – New High-precision DLP 3D Printer

FlashForge Hunter is an advanced 3D printer with Texas Instruments DLP® technology, featuring the latest technology in additive manufacturing. Compatible with third-party resins, Hunter S offers flexibility and low operating cost to your Dental or Jewelry business. Easy to swap aluminum resin tray with pre-installed vat film for maximum efficiency when switching between print jobs and resins.


  • Full HD 2K light engine
  • Compatible with third-party resins for a wide range of applications
  • Advanced dual-core 800mhz ARM processor for ultra-fast performance
  • Linear motion guide actuator for achieving smoother printing surface
  • Easily removable aluminum resin vat with pre-installed vat film
  • Calibration-free build plate with quick replacement
  • Touchscreen LCD for easy navigation
  • Jewelry support mode provides more flexible support structures
  • Easy printing modes with resin presets
  • Grayscale and distortion correction algorithm for great detail prints

Patented optical engine

Hunter S adopts a high-resolution DLP optical module, with a life span of up to 50,000 hours, low heat generation and low maintenance costs. The image processing technology combined with multiple algorithms, including light intensity uniformity control, distortion correction and gray compensation, makes the light stability stronger and the uniformity higher.

Calibration-Free Build Plate

The delicate mechanical locking device avoids leveling troubles.The frosted surface achieves the balance between firm adhesion and easy model removal.

Precision Z-Axis Motion System

It adopts more steady dual linear guide rails and ball screw with low friction resistance and high sensitivity, so as to ensure smooth movement and precise positioning.

Compatible with NextDent and Dentona Dental Resin

FlashForge Hunter S is fully compatible with NextDent and Dentona dental resins making it much easier to manage your resin inventory without starting a new inventory of proprietary resins.

Intelligent slicing software

The self-developed easy-to-use slicing software has complete functions and open parameter settings, which quickly achieves users’ desired effects.

Technical Specification

  • Print Speed: 10-50mm/h
  • Build Volume: 144*81*180mm
  • Layer Height: 20-200μm
  • Pixel size: 75μm
  • Wavelength: 405nm
  • Connectivity: USB/Ethernet/Wi-Fi
  • Rated Power: 84W
  • Printer Dimension: 360*320*560mm
  • Slicing Software: FlashDLPrint/ FlashDental
  • Language: Chinese/English, etc.
  • Touch Screen: 3.5-inch Touch Screen

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FlashForge Hunter S

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